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shazgirl's Journal

24 February
Describe yourself in a few words: - Ummmmmm...... I hate these things. Look, look over there - it's something really interesting. *Attempts to sneak away* What? No, no, I wasn't going anywhere. My name is Sharon Moseley. I'm married to dalekboy and it's his fault you're seeing this as he kept nagging me to get an LJ account.

I have shifted from Melbourne to Canberra to take up a graduate IT position so that all the years of working full time while doing my degree at night have finally paid off.
I am involved in the committee of the Continuum Foundation and have been masochistic enough to be on a few Continuum convention committees in Melbourne. I enjoy attending other conventions such as Swancon where I get to see someone else running things instead.

I love reading books and enjoy reading fanfiction as it is an inexhaustible supply of new reading material that's free. Of course, sometimes you end up with exactly what you paid for. :)