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I was feeling sick the other day and the world kept spinning around so I went to the doctor. He asked me questions including whether I had any numbness. Eventually he advised it was probably just a virus that was also affecting my inner ear but that if I started to feel any numbness in my face or arms that I needed to return as it might be a stroke. So, in one visit a GP considered the possiblity of dizziness being related to a stroke while as far as we can tell Danny's expensive neurologist in Melbourne never seemed to once consider the possibility in several months. Grrr.

It amuses me that Danny the ex-drover and meat worker who has worked with blood and waded hip deep in shit gets grossed out by the sight of Lex with his food spread all over his face. Danny "I've waded through liquid shit" Oz just goes "Ewwwwww!"

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