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So, I was at the supermarket yesterday. I noticed a packet used for making soup. It spoke about making your own creamy Pea and Ham Soup at home. The packet told how it would make it easy to make your own Pea and Ham Soup at home with the help of the packet. All you needed to add to the packet was ham, carrot, celery, peas and water. To which my reponse was: so everything I would normally add except the onion and herbs then!

To be fair the packet did seem to contain some ground up dried peas as well and it probably all takes less time than my version with the time spent softening up the dried peas and infusing the flavour of the ham hock. It still seems strange though. If you aren't going to make it from scratch and get the depth of flavour why not just buy a can and be done with it?

What is sad is that some people probably buy the packet and feel that they are being frugal by making "homemade" soup.

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