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Timing is Everything

Timing is everything in comedy.

I used to go the Farmers Market at EPIC and buy my fruit and vegetables every Saturday morning. I liked the quality and price of the produce and that you can talk with the stall holders and have them tell you that they dug up those potatoes on Thursday. Then I would go to Aldi and then a supermarket to get anything I couldn't get at the first two.

I haven't managed it since Lex was born. It is only on from 8-11am. With broken sleep and the demands of a full time job, a baby and household stuff I find that not having to go charging out the door early on Saturday morning helps with my permanent sleep debt. Also, any time I have thought about doing it I found that after feeding Lex, changing him etc it ended up a bit late in the morning. Besides, with my lack of time I hadn't quite got around to figuring out what I would cook that week yet.

Last Saturday I finally went. I worked out menus the night before, did a shopping list and managed to feed and change Lex in time to get to the market. I was so proud of myself. Approaching EPIC I noticed an extraordinarily large amount of cars, and people directing said cars into car parks before even reaching EPIC. A glimmer of dread crept into my soul. I stopped and spoke with one of the car ushers. Yes, the Canberra show was on that weekend. And therefore the Farmers Market was *not* on. I went to Woolworths instead. ;)

What are the odds that I managed to pick the only weekend in six months that the show was on? Still, it was funny.

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