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Thank You

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I would just like to give a public "Thank You" to arcadiagt5 . For a few weeks after Lex's birth John did grocery shopping for us. He would solicit a shopping list, go to the supermarket and then ride to our place hauling our shopping in the trailer behind his bike, even though he was working long hours at work. This made life so much easier for us. We were so tired and exhausted and leaving the house to do shopping just took so much effort. Either I went out and had to time things to make sure that Lex was fed before and after or had to take Lex with me. Either way took a huge effort. Even making up a shopping list took an amazing amount of effort - John ended up prompting me to get organised enough to even decide what we needed!

I was talking to an assistant in the chemist today who said that her 19 year old friend was having a baby. I told her that if she wanted to help, don't give yet another toy as a present, do her grocery shopping or cook her some meals - she'll love you for it.

So thank you very much John - your help was invaluable and greatly appreciated.

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On November 1st, 2008 11:23 am (UTC), arcadiagt5 commented:
You're welcome.

You do realise that if you're going to publicly embarass me like that then I'll expect a list on Friday...
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