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Lex is a month old today and I have finally managed to post to Livejournal! I have been meaning to do so for a while now but I have been just a little bit busy for some reason. :) I look in awe at fe2h2o and kaths who have managed to post sooner than I have after birth. fe2h2o has two other children and kaths is raising a child by herself while I have no other children and Danny to help. I love Lex and am glad that we have him but I have felt like I was running backward sometimes - between feeding him, changing him, cleaning him, getting his copious amounts of laundry done and attempting to feed and clean myself and get some sleep I just haven't managed to find time for much else.
For such a small person not only does he create noise out of all proportion to his size but he also requires effort out of all proportion to his size. It's astounding how someone so small can manage to take up so much time.
It has taken until this weekend for me to actually manage to dig out the paperwork to register his birth and register him for Medicare etc. Although one of the mums at the Australian Breastfeeding playgroup yesterday told us how she got a letter six months after her child's birth saying that if she didn't register his birth that he would be registered with incomplete details so I don't feel quite so bad. And if I stop and think about it I have actually gotten things done - like organising new accounts, merchant facilities and cheque books for Continuum Foundation and the convention among other things so I am not doing so badly after all.
Danny has been a wonderful support. When I have been sitting up in the lounge room feeding Lex at 3am he has sat up with me so that I have someone to talk with. Since Lex became colicky and cries and screams for hours at night he has been sitting up with him for hours to allow me to sleep before bringing Lex to me to be fed. And when I have been sitting feeding Lex and crying because I am so exhausted and my nipples have been bleeding and painful or because looking at his tiny fingernails and remembering how much smaller Tracy was has reduced me to tears he has been there to hug me.
I am lucky to have a wonderful husband and beautiful (though noisy) baby boy.

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